Question of the reader - the answer of a scientist
How does Antarctica affect the planet's climate?
Antarctica is an important place for the climate of the entire planet.

Around this continent is the Antarctic circumpolar current, or the current of the westerly winds. It is a cold ocean current that encircles Antarctica.

The Antarctic circumpolar current has several main functions.

First, it does not allow warm water masses to enter Antarctica - largely due to this, the ice does not melt there.

Secondly, it absorbs a huge amount of heat and carbon dioxide: 90% of the excess heat produced by humans (anthropogenic), 30% of the excess CO2 is absorbed by the World Ocean, and a significant part - by the Southern Ocean.
The glaciers of Antarctica are important to the entire Earth, because if there is a lot of ice on the Earth, then the Earth reflects more solar energy back into space. This is because snow and ice are white and highly reflective. They form in colder climates, and they continue to change the climate towards lower temperatures.

In addition, glaciers change the structure of air circulation on Earth: cyclones will not go through a large ice sheet - they will bend around it.

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