Question of the reader - the answer of a scientist
What unusual phenomenon can be found only in Antarctica?
Participants of polar expeditions take a lot of photographs - and there is a lot for doing it. There are no special technical obstacles: you can take pictures using both your phone and your camera, if you charge them properly, because the batteries of the devices are quickly discharged in the cold.

One of the most amazing views in Antarctica is floating icebergs: the iceberg seems to hang in the air. This is an optical effect that occurs during calm weather. Calms are not uncommon in Antarctica, especially in summer.

When it is calm and there are no clouds in the sky, it is evenly reflected in the sea, and the horizon line completely disappears. One gets the impression that the iceberg is just floating in the air. There are also classic mirages caused by the refraction of light in the cold near-surface layer of air.

The effect of a floating iceberg is very easily destroyed: if a light breeze blows, ripples will be visible on the surface of the water and the optical illusion will disappear. You need to capture the moment:)