Question of the reader - the answer of a scientist
What safety rules do people follow on Antarctic expeditions?
There are many potentially dangerous situations in Antarctica, so safety for polar explorers is the main thing.

In order for the members of the expedition to know safety precautions, they are given several briefings. The first one - even before the expedition. Before going to Antarctica, participants take a safety exam. The second one is on the ship, when the senior on the expedition or the most experienced of the polar explorers talks about the order of life at the station. There are also briefings on arrival - each workplace has separate rules, and different stations have their own rules and requirements.
But the basis of safety in Antarctica is knowledge, universal for all people, about how to act in emergency situations - for example, in case of fires.

There is a great danger of fires in Antarctica. Firstly, there are always a lot of flammable liquids at stations - such as kerosene, diesel fuel. Secondly, Antarctica has very dry air, and there is a lot of static atmospheric electricity in the atmosphere. If a spark is generated, station buildings - especially wooden ones - can be damaged. More vulnerable than others are old buildings - they were built entirely of wood. Nowadays, they strive to build houses at the stations from non-combustible materials.

In addition, there are specific hazards associated with severe weather conditions. To a greater extent, this applies to coastal stations. In Central Antarctica (where, for example, Vostok station is located) temperatures are much lower than on the coast, but the wind is usually weaker. And on the coast, a wind of 40 meters per second can blow for several days. 40 meters per second is the wind that can blow a person away. And also, when a blizzard rises, nothing is visible: you can stretch out your hand in front of you, and you will no longer see your fingers behind the snow. There is a great risk of freezing or falling into a crack.

Therefore, in a strong wind and a blizzard, a storm warning is announced: during it, people should stay at home and go out only in case of extreme need. On the territory of the station, they move along the rails - stretched ropes that connect different buildings.

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